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REMREC statute divides its members into four categories: general, honorary, life-time and institutional. There are currently 65 members from various disciplines such as social mobilization, natural resource management, good governance, agriculture, engineering, renewable energy technologies, bio-engineering, education, public health, development journalism, community development etc.

REMREC has wide range of human resources available from various disciplines. While fulfilling the demand of any programme, REMREC endeavours to meet the requirements of the project through its in-house resources and facilities. However, to ensure its clients the best quality services and excellent out-puts, REMREC does not hesitate to seek outside expertise. In addition, the organization has an arrangement to provide resource people of different disciplines to related agencies if necessary.

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Member Renew and AGM Notice
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खाद्यान्न दरभाउपत्र पेश गर्न आहृवान
September 1st: सिविएम नेपालअको सहयोगमा य More »
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