Invitation for Quotation (Bid Call Notice)

Name of the project: Karttike Deurali Health post + Community Water Supply Project

Chauri deurali Rural Municipality-6, kavrepalanchok District

Title of Procurement: Supply, Construction/Erection, Testing & Commissioning of water supply project

First date of Publication: 17th January, 2018


  1. The Users’ Committee of Karttike deurali Healthpost + Community WSP Project with a subsidy support under UNICEF Nepal. The project is aimed to distributing water supply for 62 households of Chauri Deurali Rural Municipality-6, Kavrepalanchok District. The users’ committee intends to apply subsidy received by REMREC on behalf of UNICEF Nepal to the eligible payments under the contract for which this invitation for bid is issued. The Health Post Committee will manage remaining fund from other sources and local contributions.


  1. This invitation of bid is open to all eligible installation companies the supply, Construction/Erection, Testing and Commissioning of the WSP Water Supply Project.


  1. On behalf of Health Post Management Committee, (REMREC) forwards this bid call notice against the formal request from the Health Post Management committee. In addition to the email circulation to all companies, this bid notice and Salient features are available in website of REMREC ( and also posted in the notice board.


  1. All works for the project shall be carried out in a single package. The contract includes all necessary work and services for the completion of the works as per agreed terms & conditions of contract documents between REMREC and respective qualified company. The Users Committee intends to select for supply of electro-mechanical equipments, installation, construction /erection, testing and commissioning of the projects.


  1. The bidder should submit two copies (one original and another copy) of proposal with following documents. The bidder should follow the

Sample forms/formats provided by the employer while submitting the bid.

5.1 The bidder must submit an official Letter of Submission with authorized signature and official     seal.

5.2 The bidder must submit the power of attorney for signing the proposal with specimen

Signature of authorized person of office seal

5.3The letter of bid validity should be submitted separately along with the technical proposal.

5.4 The letter for commitment of penalty in case of withdrawal of the Bid after awarding the


5.5 Original signed (blue inked) CVs of proposal project focal person. The project focal person

Should be an engineer or overseer in relevant field

5.6 Work schedule with project completion timeline.


  1. The bidder must fulfill the following conditions; otherwise respective proposal shall be disqualified.


6.1 The bidding documents should be included in sealed envelope. A technical and financial

Proposal should be sealed in separate envelops and both the sealed envelopes should be

placed in an outer envelope which should also be sealed.


6.2 The Bidder shall seal the original and each copy of the Bid in separate envelopes, duly marking the envelopes as “ORIGINAL” and “COPY.”  The envelopes shall then be sealed in an outer envelope. The envelopes should be addressed to the Employer at the address given below in this bid notice, bear name and identification number of the contract and also the name and address of the bidder. If the envelope carries more than two bidding documents, and /or bidder’s name differs, the bid will be disqualified.

6.3 Only hard copied of sealed bid shall be considered. No e-documents will be considered in

bidding process.

6.4 Bid must be valid for a period of 90 days after the deadline for bid submission date.

6.5 The technical proposal must have detail technical design and calculation, line diagram of

Electro-mechanical system and the technical specification sheets of proposed components

6.6 Lightning arrestor, surge protector, circuit breaker and the grounding system are necessary part of the technical proposal.

6.7 The financial proposal must have the break down cost of components required and it should

be printed bidder’s letter head with duly signed and stamped;

6.8The warranty period should be two years with 3 after sales services.

6.9 Bid submitted after the deadline shall not be considered for bidding process.


  1. The bidder must be submitted the bid to the following office on or before 17:00 hour on

    31/01/2018. Documents received after this deadline will not be accepted. Bids received within

Deadline will be opened at 11:00 hours (local time) on 01/02/2018 at REMREC office, in the

presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend. The opening process will not be

hampered even if representatives are not present. If the last date of submission and opening falls on a

public holiday then the next working day shall be considered the last day.


  1. The REMREC reserves the right to accept or reject all bids and cancel the Invitation for Bid

Process with or without assigning any reasons whatsoever.




Karttike deurali Healthpost + Community (WSP )Chauri Deurali Rural Municipality-6, Kavrepalanchok District

C/O Resource Management And Rural Empowerment Center(REMREC)

Address: Dhulikhel , Kavrepalanchok

Tel: 011-490021

Fax: 011-490721




Bid Call Notice_Karttike deurali cum Community WSP

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