Capacity Development

As at of its commitment to improving the livelihoods of rural people REMREC provides various different training schemes to communities. These can be either technical, managerial, cross cutting or simple orientation or review workshops.

Technical training focuses on improving the technical skills of the people, such as teaching them how to make Improved Cooking Stoves (ICS) or operate a Micro Hydro Project and is vital to ensuring the sustainability of a project as well as making the individuals involved more employable.

Managerial training is also necessary to make renewable energy projects sustainable over time as the community is responsible for running these. Ensuring members of the community have the necessary to manage the project ensures that it is likely to be used and kept maintained rather than discarded after some time.

Another form of training which REMREC offers, especially to Micro Hydro Users committees and Village Development Committees is cross cutting training. This focuses on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) policy and is crucial to ensuring all members of the committee benefit equally from the electrification of the community. Currently every committee group should be aiming to have 33% of its members be female and 40% be from disadvantaged groups and this type of training helps this provisional target get met.

Finally REMREC also provides numerous other types of training, such as to help people start creating income generating activities or review meeting with the stove masters that have been trained previously. REMREC also trains its own staff to help them complete their work more efficiently. This training to entrepreneurs and local citizens allows the electrification of rural communities to have a lasting effect and improve their livelihoods.

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